Copse Crusaders

Blue Sky Learning’s copse crusaders ethos sees manageable risks as something for children to overcome, which expands their abilities and self-belief and teaches them to take care of themselves. 

In addition to the known benefits to wellbeing that physical activity and getting fresh air have, copse crusaders supports children to:

Build self-esteem and confidence… by providing equipment that gives children achievable challenges. Copse crusaders can promote development of self-esteem and self-awareness by providing opportunities for children to challenge themselves and take risks. 

Nurture empathy and a sense of connection to nature. 

Be inspired by the world around them providing natural resource, wooden frames and structures, different textures and sensory stimuli for example rocks, wood and tyres. There is a rich sensory environment which can be explored. And finally…

Co-operate and communicate with their peers: working together to achieve a final goal building a den and completing an obstacle course, which will help support children’s communication skills.

Understand the importance of taking care of the environment: by providing vegetable patches, wild flowers beds and bug hotels children will have the opportunity to observe, question and show an interest in nature and living things around them. This would also support and 

Build a positive attitude to learning and motivation: with equipment looking attractive, stimulating and welcoming, it’s encourages children and staff to play, learn and share positive experiences together, valuing one another’s individuality and celebrating achievements.

Copse crusaders can promote self-regulation in the same way as self awareness, by providing activities that challenge the child. It is only through experiencing situations that challenge their emotions will children learn to manage them. For this to be effective it is important that children should feel they are in a physically and emotionally safe environment. 

Nurture Base

Here at Blue Sky Learning Nurture Base we focus on the social, emotional and mental health of the children in the room.

We provide a visual time table that follow the children’s interests, while promoting their creativity through play.

Children are provided with a range of adult led activities throughout the day.

Nurture base children also have the opportunity to visit the Rainbow Room for individual Thrive sessions as well as Outdoor Learning through Forest school.

The Nurture base staff want the children to feel safe, listened to and valued, with this in mind, we form strong bonds with the children and parents with weekly phone calls/ face to face meetings between the key person and parents.

Children are celebrated using our Gem Tree, Wow Tree and we show case their work on displays.