Blue Sky Learning was founded as an alternative educational pathway for students who find mainstream education challenging due to their social, emotional and mental health needs. We believe in giving our students a bespoke, kinaesthetic approach to enable them to access learning at their own pace and achieve success.

We believe that our school should support students and to prepare them for the future by providing the framework of the core values, skills and knowledge that they will need to grow both socially and individually into further education and adulthood.

Our core purpose is to promote positive behaviours and provide support for young people with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, so they feel inspired and valued to transition into adulthood ensuring lifelong learning continues and is habitual. We will strive to help our students develop into mature, successful young adults, who are well supported by our team of staff.

We have an inclusive philosophy and believe passionately in giving every learner in our school the opportunity to succeed. We believe that by working in partnership with parents, schools and the local education community, we can enable students to be successful learners. We are very proud of our young people’s achievements.

Kirsty Burridge – Head Teacher