Here is what some of the parents and carers of students here at Blue Sky Learning have to say…

“Kirsty and the team at Blue Sky Learning made us feel so welcome from day one. It was the perfect fit for my little boy and after such a traumatic time at mainstream school I was worried nothing would or could help. Blue sky has just been phenomenal. They made him feel safe, happy, calm, he began making friends and learning again, creating positive relationships and enjoying life again. Not only did it help with my son but it’s helped me learn things I didn’t know, have a better relationship with my child and feel safe and less anxious about my son’s future. I honestly do not know where we would be without Blue Sky.”

“Kirsty and the team at BSL made a MASSIVE difference to our child, really helping to turn him around. By extension, they’ve helped our family re-find our sense of ‘normality’ that we were really struggling with losing (because our child was having such a tough time both in and out of school). If a child is struggling in school and need of a nurturing, SEMH-focused place with incredibly friendly and inclusive people, we don’t think you can do any better!”

“My daughter attended BSL for around 8 months before transitioning into her permanent provision. The transition was all done at her pace both at the start and her leaving and the handover to new provision was done promptly. Her needs were always met and she always enjoyed her time there.

“My child was made to feel so welcome at BSL and in the nearly 2 years he was there he became a happier child and was excepted for who he was. The staff were very friendly and caring and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BSL to anyone whose child struggled in mainstream school”

“Blue Sky Learning are an amazing provision. They have given so much support to our son and us as a family. Our son has had nothing other than positive and enjoyable experiences with Blue Sky. He is calmer, more talkative, but more importantly, feels safe and understood in their environment. His confidence has grown and he is now engaging with this learning. The staff are absolutely amazing beyond words, they understand him and his needs, and how to get the best out of him. Our son loves going to Blue Sky and is thriving there”