Academic Support from EYFS to Year 9

At Blue Sky Learning, we believe that every child is extraordinary and that education has the capacity and the possibility to change lives for the better. Here, teaching and learning is built upon a foundation that is inclusive, supportive, challenging and empowering. We promote high expectations, aspirations and an intense engagement in learning. This supports learners in establishing the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge through which they will be able to achieve success, gain fulfilment in the future and become life-long learners.‚Äč

Children have special educational needs if they have a need that presents a barrier for learning, this may be academic, social or emotional and which calls for special educational provision to be made for them.

Kinaesthetic learning

Blue Sky Learning offers a bespoke, kinaesthetic approach to learning which includes drawing and talking therapy, outside education and S.E.M.H. activities.

We also offer regular Thrive sessions to enable children to have a safe space in which they can explore their feelings and emotions and learn strategies to help soothe and regulate.